Fun Kitchen – Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi

I’ve had the privilege of being deeply involved in Fun Kitchen, a captivating television cookery show presented on Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi. This program, which was developed in 2019, aimed to inspire and empower children to learn cooking in an enjoyable manner by featuring easy-to-make DIY recipes. Additionally, it sought to raise awareness about the importance of healthy food choices from an early age.

As a key contributor to Fun Kitchen, I played a pivotal role in shaping the show’s concept. I was actively engaged in the research and development of recipes for each of the 16 episodes, ensuring they were both child-friendly and educational. Moreover, I had the opportunity to contribute to the food styling, ensuring that the culinary creations were visually appealing to the young audience.

It was an incredible experience to be part of Fun Kitchen, promoting a positive and interactive approach to cooking among kids while fostering their appreciation for healthy eating habits.

Theme Conceptualization
Content Design for Episodes
Food Styling

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