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Shruti Raj Shivam

Hey there!


I’m a storyteller, here to help individuals and brands tell their stories. With my extensive experience in creative writing and content production, I bring ideas to life, stir up discussions, and make people go, “Whoa!”


I’m all about using language to create concepts and ideas that connect with our everyday lives, boosting brand awareness and getting people hyped online. Whether it’s crafting words or creating the perfect frame and vibe for visual storytelling, I love to play around and discover the most epic outcomes. I’ve been lucky to team up with some big names in the biz, and it’s been a wild ride!


Oh, and when it comes to food, I’m no joke. I’m a serious foodie and a baking aficionado. You’ll catch me in my element, working my magic with culinary projects that feel like delicious missions.


To sum it up, I’m always up for exciting new opportunities, and trust me, I’m an absolute blast to work with. Let’s connect and make some storytelling magic happen!


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